I have developed many projects since the first year of university. In 1996, I made a Turkish-Russian Dictionary in Delfi as my first project. Not to mention the dozens of projects we have done at the university, of course.

When I went to Australia, I started the IT sector fast at first and completed my CISCO training. But then I had to shift to other sectors. I stayed away from software and IT for a long time. I reopened my software and IT page with my recycling to Turkey and the golden age in this sector has started for me.


I have developed so many projects in PHP that I can't remember the number of them with my colleagues. From University Registration System to Bank Automation. We have signed 10 projects with my colleagues. Although I did not contribute much to projects during my management time, programming has always been a tool for me to find my breathing cat and relax.


I started working with the advice of a friend, I wrote a few of them in 2D and 3D and published them in the Google Play Store.


I've been intrigued for the last few years and I've developed a few apps. One is the Suduku game and a few other projects related to solving questions in Education.


If not, it won't. One of the most outstanding programming languages ​​of recent times for me. It's not that hard to learn either. He is especially good at artificial intelligence forehead and bot writing. I wrote a few Telegram Bots with Python. The Buy*Sell bots I wrote especially for Cryptocurrency exchanges were also very effective. It is a lot of fun to write effective automatic trading bots by writing a lot of indicators, believe me, with Python.

Also, we should not forget the project that enables faster indexing of websites by using the Google Indexing API with Python. In this way, you can reduce the months-long indexing process to days.

Web Developer;

I've developed incredible projects with the PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and CCS3 quad. The area of ​​software that I enjoy the most. Dozens of websites and web-based applications. You can see some of these sites in the portfolio section.

It was a different experience for me in the project we did about the Swagger API test environment with PHP.